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Birth Doula Support & Nutrition Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum


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I am a DONA International trained birth doula, registered dietitian nutritionist and mom of two.

As a birth doula, my goal is for my clients to feel supported and empowered throughout labor and birth. I am amazed by birth and the power of birthing people. The births of my two children inspired me to become a birth doula so that I can help birthing people have positive birth experiences. My work includes providing emotional and physical support to the birthing person throughout labor and birth. I work with the birthing person and support person(s) to assist in creating a safe, supportive birth environment. I do not make decisions for my clients or project my own values and goals onto them. It is important in my work to support all decisions made by the birthing person and support team.

As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I understand the importance of nutrition throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. My goal is to provide the birthing person with the knowledge and skills to consume a diet that nourishes them and baby properly. Everyone is different. Our genetic makeups, metabolisms, food preferences, access to resources and physical activity levels are all different, which is why I focus on an individualized approach to nutrition to create a specific plan that works best for each unique person.

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After my first birth threw us for a loop I knew in order to have the birth I wanted for our second we needed a Doula. Jill was everything both my husband and I needed to give us the perfect birth experience. A medication free birth was always a dream of mine, and because of Jill’s guidance, confidence in me, and her overall calming presence I was able to do just that. The support my husband felt with her there made him my rock and gave us the beautiful experience to be emotionally connected to each other during labor and birth. When I doubted myself the most, Jill and my husband stood by my side and pushed me to experience the greatest feeling in this world, bringing our baby boy into the world.​


Because of Jill’s guidance and encouragement as my doula, I was able to have the peaceful unmedicated birth I had envisioned. She equipped my husband and me with knowledge, coping techniques, and most importantly, the support and confidence, to know we could do this. When everyone around us was skeptical about a natural birth and doubted that I could physically and mentally get through it, Jill was my biggest advocate and assured me that I was meant to do this!


I am so happy to have been able to work with Jill during my pregnancy. She provided me with guidance throughout the 9 month period and made the entire journey so much more manageable with her knowledge and support. When my birth didn’t go according to plan, Jill helped foster a calm and supportive environment and was an advocate for my needs. Because of Jill’s words of encouragement, I was able to have the natural birth I had hoped for. When I doubted whether I could physically and emotionally handle a natural birth, Jill was my greatest champion. She is also a fantastic photographer and captured some special moments that I will never forget!

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