Nutrition Counseling

The nutrition counseling package fee is $400.

The nutrition counseling package includes 1 hour-long initial assessment, 3  1:1 nutrition counseling sessions at the desired time of the client, monthly prenatal check-ins and 2 self-paced modules on nutrition for pregnancy and nutrition for lactation.  During the counseling sessions the client and I will collaborate to come up with a plan tailored to fit their individual needs and goals. 

My Approach

I follow an anti-diet approach to nutrition in which I emphasize creating healthy habits and incorporating foods that make you feel good physically and emotionally. I do not promote fad diets, calorie counting or believe in weight as a measure of health. Providing your body with adequate nourishment is always important, but it is extremely essential during pregnancy and the postpartum period. There are unique nutritional considerations for pregnancy and the postpartum period, and the information can seem overwhelming. My goal is to provide my clients with the knowledge and confidence to create a simple, sustainable plan that will work for them long-term. I use motivational interviewing in my nutrition counseling sessions so that my clients can discover their priorities and set meaningful goals.